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Octavia Freud & The Weird Sisters were formed in 2023, and they are a dynamic ensemble of performers from Manchester and Oxford. For more information please email

TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR BAND ON THE WALL EVENT -MANCBETH LAUNCH featuring Rowetta, DJ Jon Dasilva, Maria Uzor & friends 

About Us

MANCBETH is the work of musician Octavia Freud and script writer David Lemberg. It is an electronic music and live theatrical project based on Shakespeare's Macbeth updated to the ambitions and greed of modern day clubland Manchester. Join us for an immersive music and entertainment show as we transport you into a contemporary world of passion, power, and betrayal. Expect a unique and captivating experience that combines electrifying beats, mesmerizing choreography, and a compelling narrative. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking production!

This is the complete narration to the Mancbeth album by Octavia Freud & The Weird Sisters. It is based on David Lemberg's script which updates Shakespeare's Macbeth play to the nostalgic '90s clubbing era in Manchester. The album and narration is from the perspective of a school friend and DJ who performs in a rave club called Glam-iz owned by Mancbeth and his partner and the resident DJ Lady M. - The narration and songs from the Mancbeth album will form part of a live music and theatre performance at 'Modern Art Oxford' on 20th April 2024 prior to the release of the album.

Invincible - The Bobo. Single Release 1/03/2024

Fair Is Foul - Cate Debu. Single Release 1/03/24

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